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Term The School is used for Pan European Center for Professional Development.

Term Student is used for a person enrolling for the courses at the School.

I Validity of Documentation, English language requirements

Enrolment is conditional on the validity of documentation supplied by applicants at time of application/enrolment. If at any time before or after enrolment, documentation is found to be invalid, enrolment will be cancelled, and the student will forfeit any right to a refund.

To enroll, students must send proof of the knowledge of English language, minimum B1 level is required (The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages read more).

II Attendance

Attendance Requirements

Students are required to attend all programmed tuition hours. Failure to meet attendance requirements may result in expulsion from the School and cancellation of student visa.


Students are required to arrive for class on time. Regular lateness may be treated as absence.

Excuse of Absence

Absence from class may be excused for the following: medical reasons, bereavement and other major trauma

Absence for medical reasons will only be excused with adequate proof such as a doctorís medical certificate. Absence for other reasons will only be accepted at the discretion of the School Principal.

III Bosnia and Herzegovina Law

The student must abide by the laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina. If the student gets involved in any criminal activity or misbehavior which results in severe consequences enrolment at the School will be immediately terminated, and the Bosnia and Herzegovina Immigration Service will be requested immediately to cancel the Student Visa if applicable.

IV  Plagiarism/Academic Dishonesty

Plagiarism in academic work is a serious offence, and may result in expulsion or legal action. School recognizes that in many cases plagiarism is difficult to define or understand, and undertakes to educate all students on this issue before placing them in a situation where plagiarism may become problematic. Students must undertake to avoid academic plagiarism and all other forms of academic cheating or dishonesty.

V Drug and Alcohol Use

Possession of drugs

Possession of drugs is not permitted during the stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


If a student attends class under the influence of alcohol or drugs, tuition will be immediately suspended, and the student may be expelled, in which case the Bosnia and Herzegovina Immigration Service will be requested to cancel the studentís visa if applicable.

VI  Code of Conduct

The School expects high standards of professionalism and behavior from both staff and students. Respect for each other, and for other members of The Schoolís community, such as neighbors, is very important. All appointed staff and enrolling students must agree to the following regulations regarding conduct in and around the School. Students are responsible for any damage or expenses that may be caused by them at the School and/or Accommodation.


The School has a No Smoking policy indoors. Furthermore students and staff must respect the space around The School by smoking in designated areas, or away from the Schoolís immediate surroundings. Staff and Students who smoke must also undertake to dispose of cigarette butts in a responsible manner.


The School undertakes to respect the requirements of its neighbors for peace and quiet. Students must act responsibly when talking or congregating in and around the School. Similarly, The School undertakes to act responsibly during tuition, so as not to disrupt the activities of its immediate neighbors.

Use of Computers

Students must comply with specific policies in relation to use of the Schoolís computer suite, including access to the Internet.

VII Insurance

As part of the enrolment process, each student is required by law to purchase medical and travel insurance. This must provide cover from the time the student leaves their home country until the end of their studies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The School will keep a record of each studentís policy and the type of cover provided.

Please note that if you have purchased your own insurance you must provide a certificate of cover at the time of enrolment.

VIII Amendments

The Student acknowledges that the School may, from time to time, amend or add to these rules in the interest of The School and the Student, and the student is bound by such amendments, once appropriate notification has been made.

IX  Non-Compliance Procedure

Non-Compliance with the Terms and Conditions and other conditions will result in the following:

1. The Student will receive a verbal warning from the School Principal, outlining the terms and conditions of the contract that have not been complied with.

2. If there is no immediate satisfactory improvement, the student will receive a written warning.

3. If there is still no immediate improvement, the studentís enrolment will be terminated, and the Bosnia and Herzegovina Immigration Service will be contacted to revoke the studentís visa, if applicable.

4. In the event of serious misconduct, The School reserves the right to immediately terminate a studentís enrolment.

X  Withdrawal and refund policies and procedures

Cancellations and Refunds


Cancellation by The School is when a course is withdrawn from offer before or after tuition begins.

1. Cancellation by the School after the enrolment of a student, but before tuition begins will result in a full refund of tuition fees and all associated fees including deposit fees.

2. Cancellation by the School during a course will result in a partial refund of tuition fees and all course-related costs (excluding the purchase of text books), proportional to the length of the course completed.


Withdrawal from a course is when a student withdraws before or after commencing studies.

Withdrawal from a course less than 21 days before the course begins and/or after the course begins will not result in any refund.

Withdrawal from a course after the payment is made and 21 days before the course begins will result in 60% of refund of full tuition/course fees. Other payments made by students will not result in any refund.


In the case of a studentís expulsion from the School, there will be no refund of any fees.

Accommodation Fees

Accommodation fees and other types of pre-paid accommodation fees are not refundable.

XI  Enrolment documents, Course fees and Accommodation fees

All enrollment documents have to be sent to the School 28 days prior to the course start date. Full course fees and full accommodation fees have to be paid in Euros (Ä) not earlier than 40 days before course start date and not later than 28 days prior to the course start date. The exception can be made upon the written consent issued by the School.

The School cannot offer boarding facilities to students before the start or after the end of term. Students arrive two days before the course start date i.e. on Saturdays and leave on first Saturday after the completion of the course.

XII  Document charges

There is a standard charge of 100Ä for sending documents to the student or his/her representative's address which is to be paid at the time of requesting them.  

XIII  Other expenses

Tuition/Course fees do not include fees for books, accommodation fees, meals, social activities, tickets, excursion trips, refundable deposit fee, transport etc.

Refundable deposit fee is to be paid prior to the course start date in the amount of 1000Ä regardless the duration of their stay. This fee is paid on arrival in cash. On completion of the course, the deposit will be refunded minus fees for damage/loss of school/accommodation property and reductions for outstanding invoices.


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